We’ve partnered with Moneypenny to create a next level Visitor Management solution.

Combining Vpod's revolutionary technology and Moneypenny's award-winning receptionists: Vgreet is a safe, efficient solution to manage your visitors. With features such as;

  • Pre-Registration, Self Health certification 
  • Company Branded invites, with Google maps, Host details, QR code  
  • Motion sensors and voice recognition for Touchless Check-in
  • Express (QR code) 3 second check-in with instant host notification
  • Instant security pass printing for escorted visitor requirements/policies  
  • PLUS an instantly safe front of house service delivered by remote reception teams 
  • Finally On-demand concierge video support from real people
The ultimate solution in digital visitor management for a modern and dynamic world.
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Vpod x Moneypenny

How does it work?


Contactless Check In

QR code check-in is supported by face and voice recognition technology to ensure a seamless and safe experience for every visitor.

COVID-19 Screening

Accurate and non-invasive thermal imaging is able to measure visitors’ body temperature in seconds


On-demand Video Concierge

Trained Moneypenny Receptionists are on hand to greet, check-in and assist with any questions visitors have


Real-time Information

Share live updates, travel and weather information with visitors, all controlled remotely

Vpod x Moneypenny

What makes the Vpod x Moneypenny partnership different?

The combination of Vpod's and Moneypenny's revolutionary technology helps to balance the efficiency of technology with the reassurance of a real person, on hand 24/7 to greet & assist your visitors via video.


Create a Safe Working Environment

Protect your frontline staff by reducing face-to-face contact


Increase Productivity

Utilise front of house staff to help elsewhere around the business


Improve Efficiency

With our reliable 24/7 Support, have Moneypenny Receptionists on hand whenever you need


Provide a Great First Impression

Offer a unique first impression for every visitor

“Moneypenny is a dynamic company renowned for delivering innovative and excellent customer service so they’re a great fit with Vpod and everything we stand for.

Together we can now give Vgreet customers access to another important, easy to set up and cost-effective feature – which supports our ultimate goal of creating unique customer and visitor experiences. We’re excited to see where this partnership takes us.” 

- Sam Farrant, Managing Director of Vpod


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